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Body Treatments

Blush Beauty Room’s Dublin beauty salon offers a full suite of elegant and luxurious body treatments.

All our Dublin beauty body treatments are carried out by our team of highly experienced and fully trained beauty body treatment experts.

To schedule a universal Body contour wrap treatment with Blush Beauty Room schedule time through our convenient booking system.

Universal Body Contour Wrap €75 (90 mins)
Course of Three €200

Lose 6″ in 90 minutes - guaranteed 
The only body wrap in the world that is scientifically proven to aid weight loss. This treatment will also boost circulation and smooth the skin.
Bandages that have been soaking in a warm solution containing only natural minerals are applied to the skin.
The treatment works by drawing out toxins from the fat cells creating a smoother base where the soft tissue lies.

Universal Body Contour Wrap & Dermalogica Facial €110

Combine the benefits of a Universal Body Contour Wrap with the ultimate treatment for your skin. Dermalogica facials are an ideal choice for those who want a comprehensive experience to address all skin concerns and achieve healthy glowing skin.

Swedish Massage €35 (30 mins – targeted areas) €65 (60 mins –full body)

The primary goal of Swedish massage is to relax the entire body. This is accomplished by massaging the body in the direction of the blood flow. This increases the oxygen in the blood, decreasing toxins, improving circulation while easing tension and aids in reducing cellulite. 

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Body Treatments FAQ

  • How long does a contour body wrap last?

    Typically clients will be inside the wrap for about 1.5 hours.

  • How many inches should I expect to lose after a contour body wrap?

    Guaranteed 6 inches.

  • What is a Swedish massage?

    A Swedish massage is a full body massage, designed to relax the entire body.