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Hands & Feet

Soothe overworked & tired hands & feet & enjoy healthy beautiful nails.


Blush Beauty Room offers the very best hand and feet treatments from our Dublin beauty salon.

CND Shellac

Is a blend of gel and nail polish. The product can be applied similarly to nail polish on your natural nail so for this reason CND Shellac cannot be used to extend your nails. It is cured/set through a UV lamp. We recommend professional removal to avoid damage to the nail plate.

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CND Vinylux €15.00

Weekly polish,Nail grooming and shape finished with a polish of your choice.

Nail Clip€10.00
Nail Shape€10.00
Shape and Polish€20.00

Full Manicure €27.00

Includes, nail shape, cuticle work, a relaxing hand & arm massage. Treatment is finished with your chosen polish. The benefits are to encourage nail growth, improve circulation, and improve the appearance and condition of your hands and nails.  

Full Pedicure €45.00

Includes nail shape, cuticle work, a relaxing foot and calve massage. Treatment is finished with your chosen polish. This treatment promotes relaxation, improves circulation, eases tension, and exfoliates the feet which helps encourage new cell growth leaving feet looking and feeling smoother and more attractive.

Deluxe Pedicure €55.00

Includes nail shape, cuticle work, exfoliation, a relaxing foot and calve massage. After which a mask is applied and thermal heated mittens are put on your feet. The heat allows the product properties to be absorbed giving deeper penetration. Excellent for increasing circulation, relieving stiff and painful joints. Treatment is finished your chosen nail polish.

Add CND Shellac to Manicure, Pedicure or Acrylic Application €10.00

CND Shellac Polish to any manicure/pedicure

CND Shellac Hands (Including Removal)€29.00
CND Shellac Feet (Including Removal)€28.00
CND Shellac Removal (Non Client)€15.00
Close-up of beautiful manicured and treated nails

To schedule a hand or feet treatment with Blush Beauty Room schedule time through our convenient booking system


  • A Two Week+ Manicure

  • UV Nail Polish Similar to Gel

  • High-Performance Wear / Chip Free

  • Stunning Mirror Shine

  • Zero Dry Time

  • Removal which doesn’t leave the nails thin or torn

CND Shellac Blush Beauty Room

  • CND Shellac is designed to be removed quickly and safely by soaking the nails in nourish remover.

  • With genuine CND Shellac, the nourish remover should penetrate the nail. The polish should peel off with ease with no damage to the natural nail.

  • The genuine CND Shellac is removed cleanly off the nail plate.

  • Fake Shellac will have a thicker consistency.

  • With Fake Shellac, the nails will need to be soaked longer.

  • Counter fit Shellac will need to be pushed off the nail with a little force and a thin layer of residue will be left on the nail.

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Hand And Feet FAQ

  • How long does a manicure typically take?

    A manicure in our Dublin beauty clinic will typically take 20 – 45 minutes. Our expert manicure beauticians will advise you on the expected timeline before the manicure treatment starts.

  • How long does a pedicure take?

    A pedicure typically can take from anywhere to 45 minutes to 90 minutes. The time varies based on the pedicure and the type of polish used. Our pedicure experts will advise you on how long the treatment will typically take.